1.9.20 Fixed bug with proxy usage.

1.9.13 Several major bugs were fixed:
- fixed several broken directories.
- added 5 new directories (eHow,Squidoo,Examiner,Associated Content and Hubpages).
- improved sentence selection in batch creator/spintaxer.
- added option to insert titles in batch creator.
- new addon File Joiner.
- settings for all addons are saved.
- added random paragraph start in batch creator/spintaxer.
- added random number for sentences/paragraphs in batch creator/spintaxer.
- when the daily limit is reached in TBS a notification dialog will be shown.
- added spintax preview when a item is double clicked.
- addons can be sorted alpabetically.
- when the anchor tag is empty, links are inserted with same anchor text as the random word choosed.
- added option to use only stopwords when inserting links.
- changed keyword adder to add multiple keywords to articles.
- fixed issue with translator where only part of the text got translated.
- fixed issue with option "search both in title and content".

1.8.11 Many many fixed bugs and new features/addons:
- Fixed issue with asus update.
- Added option to set min/max words in batch article creator when creating articles.
- Added option to set min/max words for used sentences/paragraphs in batch article creator.
- Added option to use only unique sentences/paragraphs (once used the sentence/paragraph will not appear in any other article) for batch article creator.
- Added option to save/load blog credentials to blog poster and batch blog poster.
- Added options to check all articles as spintax and set tags for all articles in batch blog poster.
- Documentation updated.
- Fixed formatting issue for notepad.
- Added option to show the current keyword being scraped.
- Fixed formatting bug in translator.
- Improved randomization.
- Emails from articles are automatically removed.
- Added option to remove or replace links with the scraped keyword. - 5 new addons added:
SpinnerChief - spin for free up to 1000 articles daily.
Batch SpinnerChief - spin multiple articles up to 1000 daily.
Keyword Adder - Insert given keyword (text/html) in articles.
Link Adder - Insert links in articles.
Spintaxer - Randomly create articles with spintax.

1.7.13 Many many fixes and improvements:
- Fixed timeout issue with TBS.
- Added option to save articles to xlsx (Excel spreadsheet).
- Fixed issue with min/max words counter.
- Added option to remove links from scraped articles (txt files).
- Improved the scraping engine.
- New Update Manager file.

1.6.28 Minor fixes. 2 new addons added: Translator and Batch Translator.
- Translator: Using Microsoft Translator, translate any text to 35 languages.
- Batch Translator: Translate multiple files using Microsoft Translator to 35 languages.

1.6.24 Several minor improvements for Content Mixer and Batch Article Creator. 2 new directories added: Knol(PR7) and EzineMark(PR2). New addon Meta Scraper.
- Meta Scraper: Scrape title, description and keywords from sites. Results are exported to CSV file.

1.6.22 Added search for strings inside files/sentences in content mixer. When previewing article/sentence in content mixer/batch article editor it's possible to edit it. Added option to post with spintax to blog and also random date & time to batch blog poster. It's now possible to add tags before posting to blog and batch blog posting(tag1,tag2,tag3,etc).

1.6.18 2 new addons added: Blog Poster and Batch Blog Poster with option to schedule articles.
- Blog Poster: Post a single article to a wordpress blog.
- Batch Blog Poster: Post multiple articles at once to a wordpress blog.

1.6.17 Documentation updated, new "update.exe" file which is no longer detected by Avira as trojan. New update.exe can be obtained by downloading "GAP.ZIP" again. 2 new addons added: Spinner & Batch Spinner.
- Spinner: Spin article using The Best Spinner API.
- Batch Spiner: Spin multiple articles using The Best Spinner API.

1.6.16 Minor fixes.

1.6.15 Fixed issue with ExcellentGuide, Article Alley and Articles Factory.

1.6.14 Fixed issues with article counter. 2 new addons added: Content Mixer & Batch Article Creation.
- Content Mixer: Select sentences/paragraphs from articles and create new unique articles.
- Batch Article Creation: Create new articles in batches using sentences/paragraphs from other articles.

1.6.8 Major UI changes. Fixed issue with Ezine and GoArticles.

1.6.01 Added threads number option. Added option to sleep (in seconds) between thread starts, to avoid being blocked for too many connections from the same IP address (e.g. Ezine).

1.5.30 Improved scraper engine.

1.5.26 Added duplicate file detection, no more files ending with _1/_2/_3/_4. Used keywords are saved in file "used_keywords.txt".

v1.5.21 Maintenance release.

v1.5.13 Minor fixes for some directories.

v1.5.1 Fixed issue with Google.

v1.4.0 Maintenance release. Updated scraping rules for most directories.

v1.2.6 Added automatic update checker.

v1.2.2 Added 6 new directories.

v1.1.9 Complete rewrite of scraping process, better handling of threads.

v1.1.8 Fixed 2 minor bugs when saving articles.

v1.1.7 Added 2 new directories.

v1.1.6 Added 3 new directories.

v1.1.5 When saving articles to HTML now there are no images/iframes/adsense in the file.

v1.1.4 Added option to scrape articles based on minimum/maximum words.

v1.1.1 Added option to preserve original formatting of the article.

v1.1.0 Added option only to scrape articles which have your keyword in their content.

v1.0.8 Added option only to scrape articles which have your keyword in their title.

v1.0.7 Added option to save articles in HTML format.

v1.0.5 Added 4 new directories.

v1.0.3 Fixed couple of bugs.

v1.0.0.0 First release.


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