.... How do I install Get Article Pro?

The software comes in a ZIP archive and can be extracted anywhere. Get Article Pro is 100% portable and does not make any changes to Windows settings or registry.

.... How does it all work?

Get Article Pro scrapes articles based on keywords you input. It is possible to scrape only articles which contain your keyword in title,content or both. This will produce extremely relevant articles.

.... What are the advantages of using Get Article Pro?

Get Article is multithreaded and it’s scraping speed is lighting-fast. It can scrape hundreds of articles for your keywords in minutes.

.... Can you use Get Article Pro without proxies?

Get Article Pro can be used without proxies, however some sites may block your IP address temporary if there are too many connections established in a small amount of time.

.... Does Get Article suppor Private Proxies with a Username and Password?


.... What other payment options do you have, except PayPal?

At this stage we only accept payments via PayPal.com since it is the standard in online payments.

.... What are the system requirements?

Get Article Pro requires .NET Framework 4 and Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 both 32 and 64 Bit. It does NOT run natively on a Linux or Mac, however it will work under Windows emulation such as VirtualBox.

.... I paid but did not receive anything?

PayPal offers a “Return to Merchant” link after payment, if you didn’t click this, please contact us using the form here.

.... How often is Get Article Pro updated, and how much do updates cost?

Get Article Pro is updated frequently and all updates are totally free. You can view the changelog.

.... On how many computers can I install Get Article Pro at the same time?

You can install Get Article Pro on 2 computers at the same time.

.... The original formatting of the articles is not kept when I open the text files.

This issue is most often seen when using Notepad. Try opening the files with Microsoft Word.

.... I'm thinking of buying Get Article where can I get more info before purchasing?

You can see screenshots in our Gallery, watch more than a dozen videos on YouTube Here.


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